geometric shapes
Rebranding The Swiss Bakery: A Case Study
Rebranding The Swiss Bakery as a case study was a great experience for learning about their history and...
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black and white photo of oranges stacked
Build Your Brand Identity with Jaffa Branding
When venturing out into the world of freelance graphic design, you need to build your brand identity....
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Imposter Syndrome Is Not Real
Imposter syndrome is not real. Why do some designers feel like imposters? One word is causing the problem....
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person standing on round painted circle
5 Steps to Change Careers
The steps to change careers can be a challenge. It takes dedication and hard work. Here are five steps...
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The Humility of Design
We can learn a great lesson in the humility of design. But it's not always easy. Read more...
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grass field with water in shape of an eye
Happy New Year!
This time of year inspires me. The days are short, and the nights are long. It is a great time to reflect...
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overhead view of coffee cups on wooden table
Designing in Figma: A Case Study
I jump into my process for building an eCommerce site by designing in Figma.
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black and white cat wearing jacket
Creating Composites in Photoshop
The trick to creating composites in Photoshop is to create depth of field. The following gallery show...
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used color pencils in a bundle
3 Simple Changes to Make Your Designs Accessible
Changes to images, fonts, and colors can make your designs accessible for everyone to use and enjoy.
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retro poster design of ai holding out hand
See My Projects on Behance!
As much as I would rather you stay here on my site, for the time being, I’ll direct you to my profile...
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