John Carney

About Me

I wouldn’t say I like talking about myself, so I’ll keep this short, sweet, and simple. [insert Sigh of Relief here]

The Short

I have been a graphic designer since 2014. Thanks to my creative roles at DCCH Center and Bring Your Own Laptop, I gained experience in multiple areas of design. Custom graphics and videos, multimedia marketing, website design, UX research, and brand strategy to name a few.

The Sweet

My wife and I are parents to four (yes, FOUR!) adorable cats. It’s a long story that involves shelters, adoption, the pandemic, and big hearts. Feel free to ask me to share when we meet for coffee (or a beer!)

The Simple

I love simplicity. By removing a lot of distraction from designs, we are better able to share our messages with everyone. I think even accessible designs can be beautiful and engaging.

The Sites

I’m on all the popular social sites. So, whether you’re a business owner looking for design solutions or a student needing a little help with your creative project, I’d love to connect with you!