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Build Your Brand Identity with Jaffa Branding

When venturing out into the world of freelance graphic design, you need to build your brand identity. There is much to think about, and the process could be overwhelming for new and intermediate designers. But Jaffa Branding is here to help you with each step: from mindset to marketing to creating to connecting. Each lesson in this course offers valuable insights and proven actions you can take to help you succeed.

So what makes Joseph Maca, the creator of Jaffa Branding, an expert in brand identity? Did he read multiple books on the topic and pull out specific keywords and catchphrases? Or did he watch many hours of YouTube videos and repurpose the creators’ content? Neither. Joseph is an expert in his area because he lived the experience of building his brand from scratch.

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In less than four years, Joseph changed his mindset, set obtainable goals, worked daily, and made Jaffa Branding what it is today: a sustainable business doing what he loves. And his customers couldn’t be happier with his results. But I’ll let Joe share them with you in the course. 😁

I found Joseph on Twitter in December 2022. I enjoyed the content he was sharing on the platform and received a lot of insights from what he was saying. After a while, I asked to join his group of designers. Talk about a fantastic bunch of people that love sharing ideas, giving feedback, and generally having a good time. Joe has done a great job assembling the community with creatives from many specialties. Finding someone to discuss trends and topics related to your field is easy. Indeed, the Orange Club on Twitter is the place to be! 🍊

When Joseph announced in February 2023 that his new course would be released soon, the buzz of excitement stretched around the globe through Twitter messages and Discord channels. People could not wait to get access to Orange Club: A Brand Identity Mastery Course(Link directs to Gumroad.)

I won’t review the course here because I don’t want to give anything away. I started recommending the course to others even before I completed it myself. By lesson six, I had received many great tips and actionable steps to help me build my brand. By lesson 14, I started outlining what I wanted to say in this article to let others know how to access this valuable content. And now that I’ve completed the course, I need to wrap up this post to start putting into practice all that I have learned from Joseph.

If you still need some convincing that $26 is well worth the cost, watch this video of Joseph explaining what each of the 17 lessons contains. Then come back here, and use this link to purchase 👉 Orange Club: A Brand Identity Mastery Course

When you have completed the course, please leave a review on Gumroad for Joseph, or give him a testimonial on his Twitter account.

And if you think of it, tell him John at Grafixt Design sent you! 😉

Cheers, friends!

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  1. jcarney Avatar

    Just gave Jaffa Branding a ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ review on Gumroad. Highly recommend the course! 😃

    What did you all think of it?! 🤔

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