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Creating Composites in Photoshop

I love Photoshop! I’m a visual person and firmly believe in the phrase, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” Adobe’s software is an industry leader in making images look the way you want. Adjusting colors, adding text, removing objects, cropping, resizing, and optimizing are only a few of the powerful tools at our disposal. Once I began using Photoshop consistently, techniques and workflows got incrementally easier. However, one task still seemed impossible: combining images to create believable composites.

Creativity without limits

I wanted to sharpen my skills and challenge myself to do projects outside the scope of my regular work. The trick to getting great composites is focusing on lighting and atmosphere to create depth of field. The following before-and-after gallery is some of those results.

But let’s face it. Most people want to avoid reading about a designer’s process. You want to see the results, and that’s great! Drop me a line if you want to know any of the tricks I used. 😉

You can use the slider to view Before and After images.

poster of boy reading book at public library images by Aaron Burden and Dzmitry Tselabionak
Double exposure of lion and giraffes unsplash-images-by-jean-wimmerlin-and-gustav-schwiering
man facing prism unsplash-images-by-artur-aldyrkhanov-and-miha-rekar
cat staring at mouse cat and mouse
Man and spirit beside lake Unsplash images by Jacob Dyer and Guillaume de Germain

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Featured image provided by Bekky Bekks.

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